Gaining Weight Can Be a Good Thing

I had a client come to me today all worried. They told me they stepped on the scale and gained about three pounds and they can feel it when sitting down. Mind you, I have only had this client for two weeks, only comes in two times a week, and never worked out before seeing me. So, you are probably wondering how this client gained three pounds within this small-time frame.

First off, the body is not used to these movements with such a heavy workload. When I say heavy workload, I don’t mean this client has been using weights that weigh equal to or more than their bodyweight. What I mean is that the body is not used to performing the same movement for two to three sets, adding tempo, repetitions, resistance, balance, stability, and some weighted equipment.

As you can see, the muscles are rapidity moving in the same direction for many sets and reps. This means that the muscles are using more fuel than what it is used to, which will add a little extra weight to the body. So, my client saw three pounds on the scale, they automatically think bad news. In reality, the body tissue ends up storing extra carbohydrates, also known as glycogen. The reason the body is storing more carbohydrates is because it needs that fuel to perform the new exercise from the personalized program. If the client stays consistent with their program, the weight will surely come off within a couple weeks to one month from the original start time.