It All Starts With Breakfast

It is true when you hear people say the phrase “Whatever you eat for breakfast will determine the rest of your day”. For instance, the world thinks if you eat a donut and drink a cream filled, sugared up, cup of coffee it is going to slow you down compared to a plate of egg whites, turkey sausage, some fruit, and wheat toast with hummus on it. Well, the people aren’t completely incorrect.

Yes, the sugary, sweet donut and coffee are not going to give you a ton of energy. Well, in fact you will have so much energy, but then crash in two hours and not feel the best.  This person might not feel motivated to do anything later, but doesn’t mean he can’t push himself to the gym even though he is sick feeling and makes a good homecooked meal for his family. Now let us compare this to the egg white breakfast. This person started off their day, as America would say, “the healthy way”. They are making healthy choices in the morning, but doesn’t mean they are going to continue this for the rest of the day. This person could have had a great morning, got a lot of work done, stays late at work, ends up ordering fast food, and never making it to the gym because he is too exhausted to exercise and just wants to get home before dark.

Now let us analyze the two, they will be called “donut” and “egg white”. Egg White makes healthy choices in the morning, but fails in the evening to eat healthy and exercise. Donut doesn’t do a very good job staying away from sugar in the morning, but finishes the day off with a good sweat and a homecooked meal! So, who “won” this day out of the two? Take a moment and think about…. Donut or Egg White? Actually, it is neither. The reason why both of them do not win this day because of one simple choice. Eating unhealthy in the morning and/or at night. I am not saying that making one bad choice is going to ruin all the progress you have made. I am saying that making one bad choice EVERY DAY will ruin any progress made or needs to be made.

Depending on your breakfast & ACTIVE LEVEL will determine what you eat and do the rest of your day. An example of how your typical day should look like depending on what you eat in the morning:

  • Let’s say you start your first morning of your week (Monday) with an egg white, sausage, and potatoes. That is a tone of protein, a decent amount of fat, and a healthy amount of carbohydrates for one sitting. This means the rest of your meals that day shouldn’t have too much protein, a normal amount of fat, lots of carbohydrates, and even dabble in a dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. 
  • Now we are moving onto your second morning of the week (Tuesday). You didn’t have any time to make yourself food before work because you slept in. You threw yourself together a Greek yogurt parfait with a tone of fruit and granola. Yum! A tone of carbohydrates, sugar, and very little protein. Since you started off with many carbohydrates and sugar, the rest of your meals should be more geared toward fat, proteins, and no dessert. Catching on yet?
  • Last example!  Moving onto your third morning of the week (Wednesday). Darn! Forgot to make breakfast again and you are out of yogurt! There is some leftover pancakes and cottage cheese. This meal contains a large amount of carbohydrates, sodium, and maybe a good amount of protein and fat (depending on what % cottage cheese and milk you have bought). This means the rest of the day, your meals should contain more protein, fat, and can contain a little bit of carbohydrates and sugar. That means you can use a sugary sauce or save it for a small dessert.

So, it’s simple if you know what your macro-nutrition is. This was a quick and easy example to show someone that has the typical percentages for generic person’s macros. Moderate-high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and low-moderate fat. Depending on your macros depends on how you will split these three components throughout your day. The reason sodium and sugar are in the mix of the examples just means these two components are hard to completely ignore out of your diet. Just be aware if you have a lot of sodium or sugar in the morning, cut back later in the day so you don’t’ end up over doing it. It is all about moderation and staying within your macros.