Under-confident vs Overconfident

There is a lot more brain power that needs to be going on during sport play than the average joe
understands. If they do somewhat understand what is going through their head, you might hear
someone tell an athlete, “All you got to do is be mentally tough”, “Become motivated”, or “Just be
confident”. Easier said than done, am I right athletes?

The real question is, how does someone become these things? How do you avoid lack of mental
toughness, no motivation, or being underconfident? Then once you understand how to become strong
in all these areas, how do you reduce accidently being cocky, obsessive, and overconfidence.
Mental toughness, motivation, and confidence are used interchangeably. You have to find a happy
medium. If you end up lacking in all three areas, it is hard to win competitions, want to train on your
own, have the will to keep playing, and have a positive mindset about your sport. If you end up being
overbearing in all the areas, you won’t keep succeeding, think you don’t have to improve anymore, and
start losing skill from never practicing.

An example from when I was overconfident then turned underconfident:

“When I played college sports, there was many times when I was overconfident. I thought the game was
going to be easy because I knew the team was not very good and we have won past seasons against
them. Whenever the game started, I realized I was a little more relaxed than I should have been and let
some players score on me because I was being lazy on defense. By the end of the game, the score was
really close, or we lost. My coach was not happy and clearly the rest of the was not either. This made
going until practice and even the next game tough from being underconfident. I was not able to play at
optimal level from lack of confidence.”

As you can see, I was way to confident and ended up losing any confidence I had. I lost motivation and it
was hard to keep striving the rest of the season due to these reasons. One tool that helped me get back
on my feed was the performance profile and mental skill questionnaire.

The performance profile is a great guide to follow to show strength and weaknesses. Within the
strengths, it shows that I am close to where I need to be, but there is always room for more
improvement. The weaknesses show that those areas need a little more time to develop and focus on
those areas a little more than the others. I believe the performance profile helped me though out my
college basketball career and will help other athletes as well. The mental skill questionnaire does the
same type of concept, but focuses more on knowledge and confidence. This showed me the areas I am
stronger at other areas I need to be more confident about.

Written by:

Sarah Grippi
Owner of 3GX